Priapus Shot


The word Priapus is a name of a minor Greek God that protects the male genitals, and a God of fertility. In the medical field, there are over 24 drugs that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for men’s erectile dysfunction, but all of these are of therapeutic approach only. On top of that, men who are taking the medication need to maintain it for a long period of time. However, this was until Dr. Charles Runel, MD developed a serum which has now been used for many years to cure different types of tissue impairment and use it to enhance male erection. This mind-blowing study has been widely accepted because there is no risk and it is 100% safe.

According to doctors who handle medical cases that cause male fertility, and the inability to function in the bed is increasing, and difficult to treat. Individuals who suffer from erectile dysfunction has underlying medical illness most of the time. Here are some of the diseases that could lead to impotence:
Heart disease
High cholesterol level
Peyronie’s disease

Cardiovascular disease directly affects the blood flow the penal vein, and during intercourse, the heart pumps faster to supply blood and oxygen to the penis. If a man suffers from any heart diseases, the heart cannot sustain the demand that could lead to the unerected penis. Atherosclerosis or a condition wherein the blood vessel is clogged, achieving erection is impossible. In cases of high cholesterol level, instead of oxygen, nutrients, and other essential material goes to the penis during intimate activity to sustain the erection, the blood vessel is filled with cholesterol. Cholesterol does not even initiate any penal erection. High-level cholesterol is the same with Diabetes, but instead of fatty acids, the blood stream is full of glucose (blood sugar). It is almost impossible to get an erection since there is no proper oxygenation of penal tissues. The Peyronie’s disease is a rare condition wherein there is a progressive penal tissue scarring.

How it Works

The purpose of the shot is to inject the natural rejuvenating factor of the blood back to the body thru the penal area. The growth factor (fibrin matrix) found in platelet will activate the healing process and cell regenerations in the area. Since the duplication process of the cells is initiated naturally, the new cells are 100% healthy and functional. Moreover, the matrix creates a new blood vessel in the penal shaft for intensified distribution of oxygen and other essential materials. Making the surrounding tissue more sensitive which promotes extreme pleasure.

When to talk to your Doctor

As long as the medication is ongoing to treat the medical condition, you may want to consider getting the shot. Some men are embarrassed to talk about the effect of particular medical condition, but doctors are very open to discussing treatment. Inability to sustain erection for men can cause emotional and mental trauma. Below are the benefits that you can get from getting the treatment.
Increase firmness of erection and girth
Improve distribution of essential nutrients and oxygen to penal shaft
Promote quality orgasm and erection
Elevate Libido
Increase penal size to up to 1 inch

Based on reports from men who had the shots, 70% verbalized that they experience an increase in penis size. Some say half an inch and others say one inch. Furthermore, 95% of men who did the shot got penal firmness during erection.

How is it done?

Initially, your doctor will need to draw blood from you and process it in a device called centrifuge which separates the growth factor serum to other substances of the blood. The treatment is usually conducted at the doctor’s clinic which only means, noninvasive operation. Your doctor will use a very tiny needle to inject the serum strategically in your shaft after the application of pain killer cream.

Some doctors use a matrix pump that spreads the serum to the entire penis. The result will be achieved one to three weeks after the shot, and will last for a year.


Doctors always emphasized that there is no known side-effects or any adverse reaction after the shot since the serum is purely derived from the patient’s blood. There is no allergic reaction because the antibodies distinguished the serum as their own.

Is it expensive?

The price of the shot is surprisingly lower compared to dozens of pills, treatment, and even surgery that you need to undergo many times to achieve your desired result. In Priapus shot, you do not need to have any maintenance drugs, or visit your doctor every month.