Boost up Female Sex Drive with O-shot


There are over 24 medications that Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have approved for Men’s sexual dysfunction, and yet there is none for women. Based on studies, there is 50 Million American woman who are having issues in the bed, but only 14% of them can talk about it to their doctors. There are no products or medication for a woman that improve sexual experience. But what is an orgasm by the way? How important is sex drive to women? Does this affect how they view their relationship?

United Kingdom’s National Health Services says that orgasm is an extreme sensation felt during intimate activities. Based on research, achieving orgasm help a woman attain the following benefits:

  • Improves pelvic blood circulation that promotes healthy tissues and even prevents dysmenorrhea (pain during menstruation).
  • Increase the sense of wellbeing because it excites the hypothalamus which regulates emotions, satiety and body temperature.
  • It releases endorphins (happy hormone) and eliminates cortisol (stress hormones) out of the body.
  • It makes you look younger because it promotes deep relaxation
  • Protects your body from illness by stimulating infection-fighting cells
  • Raising the level of Oxytocin (bonding hormones) which connected to socialization, dedication, and triumph

According to sex therapists, intimacy plays a significant role in the relationship. The couple should both achieve satisfaction under the sheets. A woman should still enjoy her sexual drive even after giving birth because it does improve not only mental health but also promotes self-esteem. But most of the time, after a women gives birth, there are physical and physiologic changes happen in her productive system especially in the vulva (external vagina).

4 Primary sexual issues of women in the bed

  • Dyspareunia or Painful intercourse
  • Anorgasmia or difficulty achieving orgasm
  • Low sexual drive
  • Having trouble in Arousal

Worry no more because the O-shot will eliminate all these major troubles in bed. Thousands of doctors are now utilizing the shot and according to them, it has 90% efficacy.

When to talk to a Doctor?

For women who have hesitations opening up about their activities on the bed to others, you might want to start telling it to your obstetrician or gynecologist. They are the experts, and they will provide you guidelines on how to treat a particular medical condition (if there is). Remember that this could affect your life in general, especially with your relationship.

During the treatment

The procedure is a noninvasive treatment with the use of a non-synthetic solution because your doctor will be utilizing your blood. The doctor will extract blood (merely red blood cells), and inject it to your external genital. The blood contains Blood Derived growth factors that once injected to the genital with the use of a fine needle; it develops new tissues –making the area more sensitive. The blood that will be extracted will undergo a 10 minutes process to separate the growth factors of the blood. Before the shot, numbing will be applied on the vulva, but patients reported that they did not feel anything during the shot. According to the Doctors, worst case scenario is, you can feel the pain of a regular injection.

Side Effects

Though the procedure is still in its preliminary studies, there are no known side effects from the patients who have had the procedure. Aesthetic clinics which offer this service encourage their patients for evaluation to monitor the effectiveness of the treatment, and to monitor any side effects as well.

Talk only to the expert

It is necessary to talk only to expert individuals. There are reports that if an untrained person does it, the desired result will not be achieved. There is a possibility of harmful side effects too.

Any other benefits from O-shot?

Other reported benefits that you can get from O-shot aside from boosting your sex drive is, it can cure urinary incontinence. What is urinary incontinence? Urinary incontinence is a condition common to women who have kids already. It is defined as the failure of bladder control and often embarrassing because some reports from mothers that even a simple sneeze will have a little flow of urine. There are instances that they cannot control it and peed their undergarments. You might be embarrassed to talk about this to your doctor, but you don’t have to because O-shot can treat that. What O-shot does is, it will strengthen the vaginal wall that directly enhances the vaginal muscle to hold the bladder.