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Laser Hair Removal

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Elite Laser Hair Removal Services

With the help of the state-of-the-art laser machine, that was developed through the years since 1961. Today, many individuals will be able to experience the advantages that Laser Hair Removal can provide with risk-free. Hair removal technique with the use of laser machine is widely accepted in the world of cosmetics. In fact, this treatment is the leading choice among hair removal methods available today. Why? The treatment delivers a painless way to remove unwanted hairs and promised a permanent result. Most patients who had the treatment reported that they did not feel anything during the procedure. Other expressed that they felt a minimal sting but nevertheless tolerable.
What skin types are suitable for the treatment?
According to skin experts and trained laser operators, people with different skin types can utilize the treatment for hair removal purposes. On the other hand, individuals who have fair skin with thick and darker hair will get the best result. In addition to this, people who have darker or tanned skin tone may achieve the result with multiple sessions because the color of the skin is closer to the color of the hair follicles. However, laser machines are now improved to accommodate individuals who have the darker skin tone to achieve desirable results in hair removal.
How many percentage of hair removal shall I expect?
According to experts, the laser hair removal is a result oriented method which delivers up to 25% hair reduction each session. Most customers will observe as well that the effect of treatment is much efficient to areas where the skin layer is thinner compared to areas with thick skin. Depending on the area and hair quality, hair reduction may be permanent after completing 4 to 6 sessions.

Approved by experts
The treatment is approved by Food and Drug Administration in 1997, several years after it was commercially available in early 1990’s. The FDA cleared the treatment because of its success regarding permanently reducing hair growth. Since then, it became famous as far as the treatment’s efficacy and its safe and painless technique.

Today, many laser machines treat larger areas of the body. Here are the common body parts that usually treated with the use of Laser Hair removal.
• Facial hairs that include upper lip, chin, and jaws
• Back and chest
• Neck and shoulders

Proven safe and risk-free
Skin experts such as dermatologist and cosmetic surgeons are trained regarding doing the procedure. There are temporary side-effects that every patient may experience after the procedure, but should diminish after a 1 to 2 days. Some of these are the following:
• Minimal discomfort and pain that can be relieved by painkiller
• Swelling and redness may appear but can be alleviated with topical antibacterial creams which prescribed by your doctor

There are cases where the adverse reaction is present after the treatment due to unqualified personnel.

There are cases of burns, scarring, blisters and skin pigmentation issues may arise because the laser machine operator or the staff who handled the treatment is not licensed or untrained. Get in touch with us today or learn more about removing unwanted hair.

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