Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Laser Hair Removal Treatment prevent hair to regrow?
A. There are three stages of hair growth (active, transition and resting), and the laser hair removal acts on active phase. As the name suggests, hair follicles are divided rapidly at this stage. We recommend doing a couple of treatment to damage the follicle, thus preventing the other phase to start. The procedure will prevent hair growth for a period, and there are some cases that after the 8th sessions, hair loss was achieved.

Q. How many sessions do I need to go through to achieve best results?
A. The treatment required varies per individuals. It is important to do the initial consultation for our staff to identify your skin type, the thickness of hairs, and areas to provide you the expected numbers of treatment. Moreover, we encourage our customer to complete the treatment up to 6-8 sessions and the maintenance period after the treatment session.

Q. Does all hair types can be removed?
A. We have two kinds of hair, terminal (thick) hair, and vellus (fine) hair. For laser hair removal, it is only effective to remove terminal hair. Though we always recommend doing the initial consultation, because there are instances that we encounter intermixes of hairs. We have different types of approach when it comes to hair removal that includes the elimination of fine hairs too.

Q. Is Laser Hair Removal treatment painful?
A. No. We use topical pain killers to sensitive areas of the skin. There are few reports that customers experienced mild discomfort after the first session. We can assure you that it can be prevented since we are using numbing cream.

Q. How would you compare Laser to Waxing?
A. Laser and Waxing are both excellent when it comes to hair removal. But most of the time, customer opt-in to use laser because waxing is agonizing, especially for first timers. Compared to the laser, waxing lasts up to 3 weeks while laser will slow down the hair growth, and prevent hair growth.

Q. How economical Laser Hair Removal is?
A. If you are going to sum up all of your expenses in buying razors and shaving cream, you might be surprised that laser treatment is much cheaper. Plus, we do have competitive treatment package that you can avail.

Q. How much is your consultation fee?
A. Our consultation is absolutely for free! You can set an appointment here on our website, or you can visit us anytime.

Machine related questions

Q. What type of Laser Machine are you using?
A. We pride our clinic that we are using the most high-end laser machine in the field of Aesthetic equipment. We utilize the Cynosure Apogee Elite Laser that delivers both the 755 Alexandrite to & 1064 Nd: Yag, which is ideal for all skin types.

Q. How efficient is your machine?
A. All our equipment are state-of-the-art which means, we always prioritized its performance. Our equipment is all well maintained, and guaranteed safe.

Q. What type of laser machine is the best for first timers?
A. The Laser Hair removal device that we are using is safe for everyone, even for first timers. We make sure that our Nurses and Dermatologists are highly trained in handling the equipment. We see to it that our equipment is in good condition before usage.

Q. Does Laser Hair removal machine cause burns to skin?
A. Burns on the skin after the session is because of improper handling of the device. For hypersensitive skin, there may be skin irritation but this is mild and typically disappears after a few minutes. We have topical solutions before and after each treatment.

Q. What are the cases of burns?
A. Burns is possible for mishandling the machine, but it may also be a result of the inaccurate assessment. The laser machine’s principle is to transmit intense heat to damage the follicle. Tanned skin absorbs heat which leads to irritation or burns. We recommend doing a 45-minute consultation thoroughly to identify the skin type, tone, sensitivity and thickness of hair.

Questions about the treatment

Q. Is there any special preparation before the treatment?
A. We always remind our customer not to use any tanning lotion or expose their skin to the sun before the treatment. The most important preparation that you need to do is attend the consultation. Our staff will determine any special prep that you need to do before the Laser hair removal session. During the physical examination, we need to know if you are under certain medications or any topical ointment medicine that you have applied to your skin. There are instances that we allow our customer to shave the body parts.

Q. How many minutes does it take for the first session?
A. Laser Hair removal treatment session may take from 15 minutes to 2 hours. It depends on the area.

Q. Does numbing cream affects the efficacy of the laser machine?
A. Anesthetic creams do not change the essence of the treatment. Our staffs are experts, and medically inclined to deal with this kind of non-invasive operations, and follows proper protocols.

Q. Why tanned skin is not allowed to do laser hair removal?
A. We do not cater customer who has tanned their skin because their skin is very delicate. We promote the safety of our clients, so we make sure that their skin is ready before the session. Tanned skin has the high risks of burns, so we recommend to wait until the natural skin comes back, and we can schedule the appointment.

Q. Is it alright to use lotions or any makeup during the treatment?
A. We encourage our customer to remove makeup, and do not apply any lotion nor use perfumes.

Q. Do you have the age preference for Laser Hair Removal?
A. We cater all ages, and for kids below 18 years old, we need parental consent. We need to discuss to the parents as well some limitations and the possible mild reaction of the treatment. When it comes to children, we are very careful because their skin is much sensitive compared to adults.

Q. Do you have any age requirement for the treatment?
A. We cater 13 years old and up. There are instances that children below 13 years old suffer certain conditions which need our expertise. As long as you have your clearance from your physician to undergo such treatment, we can accommodate your kids along with the result of our initial assessment too.

Q. Is it possible to do the laser treatment for pregnant?
A. Typically, we cater everyone. In cases of expectant mothers, we encourage them to consult first to their Obstetrician and secure a clearance. Also, we do not treat bikini and abdominal area, or any distant parts near the abdomen for precautionary measures.

Q. Is it alright to undergo laser treatment for a serious medical condition?
A. Yes, we accommodate customers who want to do laser hair removal even after a medical condition. As long as your physician provided you a written approval for the treatment, we will acknowledge that.

Q. Is it safe to undergo laser treatment while taking maintenance medication?
A. During the consultation, we always ask our customer if they are taking any drugs because there are some medicine that alters the integrity or makes the skin highly sensitive to heat. On the other hand, over the counter drugs such as pain relievers, ibuprofen, and even antibiotics are allowed to undergo laser treatment. We always emphasized the importance of written approval from your physician is necessary.

Q. Am I allowed to undergo laser treatment even I have Psoriasis?
A. Yes. We accommodate our customers even if they have a medical skin condition. We take extra precaution, though, and we treat only the not affected body parts. You may ask your physician for any recommendation, and approval.

Questions about treatments to sensitive body parts

Q. Is it possible to do laser treatment on the private part, and the surrounding area?
A. Yes. However, we take extra precaution when it comes to these regions because of skin sensitivity. We do not perform laser hair removal in areas like testicles since it is highly sensitive to heat and this may cause infertility.

Q. Do you use the laser for eyebrow area?
A. No. Laser hair removal is not recommended to use near the periorbital area because it may injure the pupil.