An Overview of the System and How it Works?

According to some studies conducted by community nurses, approximately 53% expressed low self- confidence among participants who currently have oral health issues, and those who have had dental anomalies. The studies were conducted to educate individuals about the need to maintain oral health, especially for vulnerable persons. American Dental Association stated that brushing and flossing every day keeps the teeth white and healthy. On the other hand, if you feel that your teeth can get better, you might want to ask your dentist about the DaVinci Teeth Whitening. Based on American Association of Orthodontists, there are over 90% curious patients who wished to have teeth whitening. Now, how does whiter teeth boosts self-esteem? Well, psychologists said that when a person smiles in difficult times, everything became lighter. When a person with brighter teeth smiles to a person, it automatically signals a positive vibe. In addition to this, wide smile sends a positive message in the dating world. It simply means that a person who has brighter and whiter teeth naturally lifts his/her self-confidence.

A History of Teeth Whitening

Even during the 1800 era, dentists focus on how to achieve whiter teeth for patients who has teeth discoloration due to trauma, tobacco smoking, consuming coffee and other beverages and aging. Decades after, tooth whitening significantly progressed with the help of bleaching solutions and high-end equipment. Today, there are different types of tooth whitening approach that customer may avail and these are the following:

• Professionally assisted
• Prescriptions
• Self-medication thru Over-the-counter purchased
• Non-dental techniques or home remedies
Among the mentioned tooth whitening techniques, consumers are always encouraged to talk to professionals for proper assessment. Professionally assisted will still be the best approach because the patient will be able to understand the standard guidelines not just for teeth whitening procedure, but for oral health in general. Moreover, there are products available in the market that needs professional guidance because it might cause burns or destroy the tooth’s protective coating.

The types of Teeth Whitening Today

Nowadays, people have the power to choose what kind of tooth whitening they would want to have because tooth whitening services and products have been cleared by the Food and Drug Association and American Dental Association for public use. Candidates for tooth whitening may choose from the following options:
1. Whitening toothpaste. Commercially available tooth whitening products are FDA and ADA approved, but dentists emphasized that it does not have the ability to whiten the teeth because it only helps in removing the tooth plaques or stains on the tooth surface.
2. Home bleaching. There are tooth whitening products available to the public but needs to be handled carefully. Most of the tooth whitening products are chemically based that contains hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient. However, the bleaching agent’s concentration to these products is lower compared to the bleaching gel or solution used by dentists. Home bleaching is available in a form of a gel that is fixed in a tray which will be placed on the teeth or in a form of film strips that attaches to the teeth.
3. Professional assisted bleaching or also known as chairside bleaching. The professionally assisted bleaching is the safest and most efficient way in teeth whitening because professionals utilized a stronger whitening gel that breaks the bond of plaques and stains which reveal the teeth whiter shade. Dentists’ uses whitening gel that is carefully applied to the teeth.

Moreover, the dentist places a protective gear for the gums either a rubber or a gel to prevent the gums from burning. The whitening gel will stay on the teeth for some time (20 to 60 minutes) depending on the discolored teeth. Most dentists nowadays consider the use of DaVinci Teeth Whitening compared to other chair side bleaching approach because it poses no threat to the oral cavity. The whitening gel used in DaVinci Teeth Whitening is organic based. Peroxide will still be present as one of the active ingredient, but the concentration is too low to cause a burn to the gums and soft palate.

This is a friendly way to whiten your teeth.

American Dental Association urges individuals who desire to have a whiter teeth to consult a dentist before getting any treatment. There are a lot of options regarding getting your teeth whiter, but side effects should be crucially considered. One of the common side effects is the tooth sensitivity that lasts for how many days. In DaVinci Teeth Whitening, there are less or no reports of tooth sensitivity because the whitening gel that was used do not destroy the natural tooth enamel (protective coating), instead, it enhances it. Though few patients have had tooth sensitivity when drinking or eating extreme cold or hot beverages or food, the discomfort is guaranteed to be gone within 24 hours.

How is it done?

On the day of the treatment, your dentist will prepare your teeth and gums for the whitening procedure. Your mouth will be cleansed and freed from any food particles, tartar, and microorganisms, so it does not have a bleaching agent’s interference. Your dentist will proceed with the necessary cleaning of the teeth that includes brushing and flossing. While you are comfortably sitting in a reclining chair, your dentist will begin applying the DaVinci teeth whitening gel on the surface of your teeth, particular on the exposed part when smiling. The blue LED light will activate the whitening gel agent and allow the active ingredient to crack the stain bonds for the oxygen molecule to get in.
Depending on your teeth, most of the time dentists need to do treatment by intervals wherein whitening gel application is made three times. Your dentist may leave the bleaching gel on your teeth within 10 to 15 minutes to remove the layers of stain, cleanse it and apply anew. For first timer patients, dentist always recommends longer time frame to achieve an optimal result. Nevertheless, DaVinci Teeth Whitening approach whitens the teeth up to 14 shades lighter. There are patients needs to undergo a couple of sessions, but there are customers who need one dental visit only. Talk to us today and we’ll help take care of your teeth whitening needs.

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