Cosmetic Injections and Dermal Fillers

At A Laser, we pride ourselves on offering all the latest and greatest services to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied every time they leave the office. This means that we have all the newest treatments regarding cosmetic injectables as well as all sorts of dermal fillers. Whether you are looking for a Botox injection or a Juvederm Ultra shot we will have you covered.

Some of our most popular cosmetic injectables and fillers:

Are you ready to get rid of those pesky wrinkles that have developed over the years? A Laser offers state of the art botox injections performed by professional cosmetic technicians.
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Have you noticed that you’ve slowly developed a double chin over time? You’re not alone, millions of Americans experience this problem. At A Laser we use Kybella, the first ever non invasive procedure to remove double chins.
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Juvederm is one of the most popular cosmetic injectables that provides roughly 9months to 1 year of correction to those pesky wrinkles you cant seem to get rid of. If you are looking for a treatment to add some life to your face and smile, Juvederm is for you.
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Another class of dermal filler, Belotero is a hyaluronic acid injectable filler that once injected helps smooth wrinkles and remove etched in lines.
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Restylane-L is a naturally occuring substance in the body. Restylane-L is a dermal filler inectable that is used to help cure moderate to severe skin folds and wrinkles. If your ready to rid your complexion of deep wrinkles, consult with A Laser today.
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Perlane-L, a cousin of Restylane, is very similar to its cousin, however, the partical size of the gel injected in Perlane-L is much larger. This meaning that Perlane-L should be used for the most severe skin folds and wrinkles. if you think you need a Perlane-L treatment please schedule a consultation today.
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O- Shot or an “Orgasm Shot” is one of the few products approved by the FDA to be a sexual aid for women. O-Shot in an injection that helps improve female sex drive. If you need a spark in your life, contact us about O-Shot.
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